Organic waste collection starts at Englobe’s new head office in Quebec City

During the International Compost Awareness Week and, as a composting pioneer in Quebec, Englobe wants to make a difference at its own offices, with the help of its employees. Our Quebec City office, which recently moved into new premises that bring all of Englobe’s offices in the area together under one roof, is now Englobe’s largest place of business. The nearly 300 employees who work there daily produce substantial amounts of organic waste, particularly during lunch hour.

At the initiative of the Soil & Biomass Treatment team, an organic waste collection project started in the cafeteria. Two brown bins have been installed and we are spreading the word among employees. We expect to collect significant quantities of table scraps and send them weekly to our biomass treatment centre in Saint-Henri-de-Lévis.

We hope this voluntary project will spur our colleagues. Let’s all pitch in to make our environment a better place to live!

Left to right: Dany Landry, Véronique Janelle et Isabelle Giguère.