Englobe Marks the 25th International Compost Awareness Week

International Compost Awareness Week 2019 will be held from May 5 to 11, 2019. This annual celebration, initiated by the Compost Council of Canada (CCC) in 1995, is aimed at helping people discover compost, a marvelous product. The theme for the 25th anniversary is “Cool the Climate – Compost!”, and it’s an appropriate one to stress the importance of composting and compost in today’s society.

Black gold produced by our sorting efforts

Many people want to know what happens to organic material, apart from what is deposited in a brown bin, once it’s collected. Composting transforms this waste into something that has many properties: compost. So International Compost Awareness Week constitutes an invitation to discover compost as a living product that gives new life to the soil and contributes to plant health.

Concrete action to improve our environment

The Week is also an opportunity to tell active participants in organics collection in their municipality, workplace or school that their contribution is even more beneficial than they thought. When we compost to avoid landfilling organic materials, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The use of compost stimulates plant growth and helps to fix atmospheric carbon in the soil.

Partners promoting soil health

Englobe and its partners invite everyone to discover the benefits of compost for the health of soils, and therefore the health of plants, flowers and trees. Check out the following websites for more information on the activities and promotions that are part of the event:

Composting-related events during and after the Week


Find out about activities and presentations organized by parks and botanical gardens throughout the spring and summer:

  • Jardins de Métis (May 5, 2019): presentation by Larry Hodgson, “The Lazy Gardener”
  • Jardin Roger-Van den Hende: May 11: presentation in collaboration with Regeneration Canada

As well, various municipalities have organized numerous events to distribute compost to their residents during the Week and throughout May. Englobe will publicize the dates of some of these distributions, and participating municipalities are invited to do the same.

“Cool the Climate – Compost!”