Compost donnation to serve a noble cause

During International Compost Week, which took place this past May 6-12, Englobe once again proved itself to be a leader in local social development causes. Our objective is to do our part and share our commitment to creating communities that are greener, more resilient, and more involved with residents. With the help of various partners and sponsorships, our treatment centres offer support to communities looking to promote healthier lifestyles and more ecologically responsible practices.

Last Saturday, May 12, Englobe, in collaboration with Voghel, resolved to take concrete action to serve a noble cause by inviting the residents of the municipality of Mont-Saint-Hilaire to stock up, free of charge, on compost from our biomass treatment centres. In total, happy residents helped themselves to the 30 tons of compost delivered to the site. In return, participants were free to make a donation to La Maison Victor-Gadbois, a local organization offering specialized palliative care to adults suffering from cancer, as well as training and bereavement support.

Rooted in local social networks, the team from our treatment centres is wholly involved in the community activities of various municipalities. Well-known and recognized for its concern and involvement with stakeholders, Englobe was rewarded for its community engagement activities at the Gala Envirolys 2017, an annual event organized by the Conseil des entreprises en technologies environnementales du Québec (CETEQ).

Together, let’s make a difference in our day-to-day lives!

From left to right: M. Jean-Sébastien Voghel (Directeur des opérations, Voghel), M. Benoit Lamarche (Ingénieur de projet, Expert en compostage chez Englobe), M. Nicola Rivest (Conseiller en écologie industrielle, M.R.C. de La Vallée-du-Richelieu), Mme Mélanie Marsolais (Directrice générale adjointe – financement de La Maison Victor Gadbois), M. Jean-Yves Voghel (Président de Voghel), Mme Nathalie Savard (Directrice générale de La Maison Victor-Gadbois) et Mme Chantal Lemire (Adjointe au financement à La Maison Victor-Gadbois).