Behind our value-added products are people dedicated to doing their utmost!

International Compost Awareness Week is the composting industry's biggest educational initiative. The week is celebrated every year during the first full week of May across Canada and in a number of other countries. Established in Canada in 1995, it has steadily gained in popularity. Participants from business, municipalities, schools and various organizations recognize the importance of composting and the long-term benefits of recycling organic matter.

A pioneer in Quebec's composting sector, Englobe is proud to be an ambassador for International Compost Awareness Week 2018 from May 6 to 12, 2018. We strive daily to promote the products derived from compost, which we bring to market through a strong and reliable distribution network that has been in place for many years.

Composting is an aerobic biological process whereby organics (green waste, food scraps, municipal bio-solids, etc.) are reclaimed and converted into a stable, hygienic product that is rich in humic compounds and minerals, i.e. compost.

To optimize this process, operational expertise is combined with the fundamental action of bacteria, fungi and micro- and macro-organisms. Englobe applies its expertise daily at three biomass treatment facilities. We invite you to view six months of operations at our centre in Bury (Estrie), from spring to early fall 2017, in less than 40 seconds! Timelaps Bury

This perpetual worksite operating in conjunction with nature would not be possible without the support of our teams of operators: dedicated, committed individuals who are always ready for a technical challenge. Thanks to them, we are able to beautify our living spaces for the benefit of future generations!

From left to the right: Pascal Chapdelaine, Dave Bouchard, Jonathan Côté-Lecler, Steve Nadeau, Xavier Rousseau & Dominic Grégoire